A person trained in the funeral etiquettes can mourn the death of a stranger. They can lament and deliver a eulogy or help comfort the grieving family. They are professional mourners or moirologist. Sometimes they perform openly, and at times, they act discreetly.

Professional mourning is mostly a gendered occupation…

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I still remember him. We were not from the same university, but we were friends. Because both of us loved discussing philosophy. Sometimes, he preferred writing long letters to me and used to post them at my address.
His personal life became full of complications because of strained relations with his…

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When coronavirus started spreading in February this year, religious congregations all over the world were became the reason of anxiety spots. Governments banned the public meetings though hesitatingly. Religious activities were soon under lockdowns. They were asked to vacate their buildings and follow social distancing norms. …

Ajay Sharma

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