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  • Sara Smith

    Sara Smith

    Writing frees my thoughts and fuels my creativity!

  • Valerie Housseini

    Valerie Housseini

    amateur writer | professional dreamer | perpetual thinker | occasional philosopher | art explorer | valerie.housseini@gmail.com

  • Karmen Jurela

    Karmen Jurela

    Dentist, Author, Mentor, Coach. www.ichkreierealsobinich.de www.panorama1.de www.jurela.de

  • Azadehruh Alam

    Azadehruh Alam

    I’m an artistic writer who loves to use pen, paper, clay and computer to support self and societal health, empowering thru the light of truthtelling stories.

  • Marine Dondy

    Marine Dondy

    Biologistuderende, socialist, veganer, environmentalist.

  • Ruchi Das

    Ruchi Das

    Writer | Book Chomper | Book Blogger | Articles about books, feminism, writing, and personal growth | Chief Editor of Books are our Superpower

  • Allison


    Engineer by day and writer by night. Here’s to putting myself out there.

  • Yağmur Şahin

    Yağmur Şahin

    Ankara University Faculty of Law | Gazi University InfoSec Eng. | METU Cyber Security | Data Security/Privacy Counselor

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